Finished Object Friday: Receiving Blanket

q8~Every baby needs basic, receiving blankets. They are so easy to make. This is a reversible blanket with the main fabric filled with elephants and the reverse fabric says “I Love Grandma”. It was surprising that there wasn’t any flannel that said “I Love Grandpa”, the Hubs is a bit miffed. I can see baby boy snuggled in this blanket.

Reversible flannel receiving blanket

Reversible flannel receiving blanket


  • 1 Yard two different flannels
  • Thread


  1. Square up both ends of the flannel pieces.
  2. Place both pieces together with right sides facing.
  3. Trim to make sure both flannels are the same size.
  4. Use a plate to round the four corners.
  5. Starting in the middle of one side, Sew a 5/8 inch seam allowance around the blanket, make sure to stop about 4 inches from the starting point.
  6. Clip around the corners
  7. Turn the blanket right side out by pulling fabric through the hole in step 5.
  8. Hand stitch the hole closed. (If you hate hand stitching, just use the machine to close the hole by sewing close to the edge.)
  9. Iron the blanket.
  10. Use a decorative stitch to stitch around the blanket 3/4 inches in from the edge.

Done! Took, at the most, 1/2 hour.

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