– It all started with my sister. She lent me some Birds & Blooms magazines. This magazine has some of the most interesting ideas to make. Now I can’t stop looking for new ideas for my garden. I see them every where. Oh I can use egg cartons for seed starters. I have made fire starters out of egg cartons, but I have never used them for seeds.

I went on line to order some safflower seeds that Q wanted to grow. The first batch of seeds I planted just one came up. I called Q and said something was eating my seeds and leaving the shell. She told me it was birds. I wasn’t aware that the birds would eat the seeds, so I put plastic over the top until they started to sprout.

I use what Q calls “the sponge effect” to water. You water from the bottom. The water is soaked up by the carton and keeps the seeds and plants moist. Then I found another great idea, you guessed it, in another Birds & Blooms, to transfer my seedlings to.

Well you guessed it. Recycle your plastic juice or soda container.  I planted cosmos in four of the containers and have transplanted some of the safflower seedlings. I like the square juice jars. They fit great together. Here is how to change that juice or soda jar in to a planter.

Cut container in two.

Put the two together.

Place a rock in the bottom.

Fill with soil. Use “the sponge effect” here, also, to water.

This all start because of my wonderful sister giving me something to read!

What the Heck Ate Dad’s Naked Lady?

Haw haw, doing a little giggle here wondering if anyone came to this site looking for pictures of a naked lady!  Not to offend! 😎  My dad gave us kids some of his Amaryllis plants, aka naked ladies, some years ago.  Usually my naked lady produces wonderful, vibrant, beautifully-formed blooms.  This year some pest, probably a snail, started eating the blooms.  I even moved it clear across the yard, but alas, something ate my dad’s naked lady.  But, it still makes me smile and think of my dad who passed away a few years ago.  Now HE had a green thumb!  Barb lives in the mountains where it is colder, so her’s hasn’t bloomed yet.  Hopefully, her’s will be gorgeous so you’ll get to see a magnificent bloom!

My daughters’ website was down due to WordPress server problems yesterday.  If you didn’t get a chance to “visit” and register to win the mixer now is the time: Serving Up The Skinny.