Goodbye, My Favorite Kindle

~The sad news is that someone stole my Kindle yesterday. I place it on the end table in the doctor’s office when a magazine cover caught my eye.  The nurse called us back to the examination room and off I went with the magazine in hand. When remembering that I had left the Kindle, I went back for it but someone had already absconded with it. I left my name at reception and with the nurses just in case. The five-fingered-criminal is in for a surprise since I called daughter Em to go online and delete it from my Kindle account then I called Amazon to block the serial number so the thief cannot register it. So, the person can read the books on my fully charged Kindle until it runs out of power. I really hope they purchase a power cord thinking that they can recharge it and have a grand time! I had purchased a skin to make it “pretty” and a tote case to protect it. Sigh….. I loved my Kindle. I didn’t think I would since I love holding and smelling books, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. The Hubs gave it to me as a Christmas present a few years ago. He’s so kind, I, of course was crying and he said, “It’s just a thing! It can be replaced. It’s not us, we’re not hurt.”

To feel better, when I got home, I looked at the patterns I have store in Ravelry. Hurray! I forgot that Romi Hill released her first shawl pattern, Carson, in her ebook: 7 Small Shawls; Year 3: Home is Where the Heart Is. I really think in need a shawl in this colorway:

Romi Hill