Finally Finished!

~Finished! The Knitpicks Bare fingerling yarns have been dyed and are ready for my Color Affection shawl. I refuse to purchase another circular needle for this project so I have to finish a WIP.  Unfortunately, the pictures don’t show that both the yellow-orange and red-orange skeins are subtle variegations. I used Jacquard Acid Dyes. The yarn were put into the dye bath dry and twisted, which allowed some areas to soak up more dye than others. Colors used left to right: 1. Sunny Yellow with a smidge of Golden Yellow, 2. Golden Yellow, 3. Golden Yellow with 1/2 the amount of Fire Red.

Life imitates art! After dying my yarn, I picked up this bit of fluff to practice with in class. Look how closely they match. Amazing! You can see the variegation in my yellow-orange yarn better in this picture.

Photo class field trip to Seaport Village, San Diego today! Barb is coming along! Will share pics tomorrow.

Orange Is In The Air

~As a child in the 50’s, my mom bought a full-length, orange, mohair coat. She had a pair of killer orange high heels to match. She was a substitute teacher and I can still see her dressed, going to work, in the winter, with that orange coat on. She STILL wears that coat and it still looks really good. The point of the story is I really hated the color of the coat! Orange? What was she thinking?

Then, when my son was two, I took him shopping for clothes. I let him pick out the shirts and shorts he wanted. Guess which color? Yep, ORANGE! Was I surrounded by the curse of the orange? I’d never heard of anyone having orange as a favorite color until my son. I really loved cooler shades, what was with this? Now one of my grandsons, who is a clone of my son, loves orange. I guess I gave in and last year orange became one of my very favorite colors! Brainwashed you say?

Really, here in sunny California how could it have taken this long to like the color orange?  I liked the color peach. This happens to be one of my very favorite summer outfits! Toms came out with orange shoes this summer so I snapped up a pair! Can you see why I’d like to make a Color Affection shawl out of the colors I showed yesterday? I have two other orange skirts too.


Speaking of summer….. Yesterday San Diego County broke all types of heat records in the various cities and suburbs; triple digits. Come on now, it’s time to cool down a bit.

A Time To Dye!

~Guess what arrived yesterday? My Knitpick’s order. Remember the Color Affection post? Well, I decided to order fingerling yarn and dye it to my color specifications. Let’s think positive thoughts that it will work! I also ordered an Alpaca Shadow which I thought I could over-dye. Look at all that vanilla!

While surfing the Net last week I ran across an interview with Gail Callahan who invented the Color Grid. I wish I had this to show my Graphic Design students! It is quite a bit more visual than the regular color wheel. Of course, I ordered one. Getting Stitched on the Farm was holding a giveaway for a free Color Grid. I’m just going to say it – I HATE trying to leave comments on Blogspot. Time and again, after I give my pound of flesh and pint of blood, it still would not take my comments! Try as I may, I could not leave a comment for the free give-away. Alas!

Two shawls on Ravelry show the color combinations I think I’d like for my shawl.

Jon Dunn-BallanSummer Sunset by Jon Dunn-Ballam

Tanya BeliakFire Blanket by Tanya Beliak

See how the purplish contrasting color in the Fire Blanket just “pops” the colors? Thus the question: Do I wait for the Color Grid to arrive to look at which colors and values I want? Or, do I just jump right in and eyeball it? I’ve already decided to used the kettle method of dying, adding dry yarn so it will give a one-color “marbled” effect.

Hot Right Now!

~Had a yen to look at knitting patterns last night, so I went to Ravelry. Oh the patterns and yarns to see! I’m usually at the site looking for a particular pattern, haven’t done much surfing there. Clicking the Patterns tab I noticed a Hot Right Now column. I decided to look at which patterns are in the top 20. There are 6 patterns which had over 10,000 hits. These are the 6 most visited in order of hits. I have included the price at the end of each pattern line; three are free and three charge money.

 Gap-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley – 22537 hits – Free

 Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh – 20869 hits – Free

 Color Affection by Veera Valimaki – 18553 hits – $$

 Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig – 17095 hits – $$

 Wingspan by maylin Tri’Coterie Designs – 15473 hits – Free

 Hitchhiker by Martina Behm – 12761 hits – $$

The only pattern I don’t have is Featherweight Cardigan. I don’t really wear lightweight sweaters. I usually wear vests since I get too hot. Fabulous! These are the most poplar right now by far! Another one has 6000+ hits, but most of the other top 20 are down in the hundreds of hits. Still, it must be exciting to make the Top 20!


SOS Needed – Color Affection

~Help needed! Last I checked, over 5000 Ravelry users have Color Affection by Veera Välimäki as a project.

I need input from all of you! What yarn should I use? I cannot use the small needles due to my friend Arthur-itis in my hands. I want to use size 6 needles. I cannot find a suitable yarn. Have any of you knitted the size that used Size 6 needles? Which yarn did you use? Curls and I went to two yarn stores yesterday, I left in frustration because I’m finding this IMPOSSIBLE!

Then there are the colors! I loved All She Wants To Do Is Knit’s reply to me. She recommends using a paint chip phone app to help pick colors! I’m going to download one ASAP. What a fabulous idea.  She too is drawn to bright colors, as am I. Curls doesn’t have that “problem”.  I wear a lot of orange during the summer, so I’m looking at bright oranges, sunny yellows, fiery reds, etc. But…. how will that translate during the winter months. Sigh…… Paint chip app, here I come.

SOS! Help needed. Input greatly appreciated. Yarns?