WIP Wednesday: Socks Of Doom

q~WIP Wednesday! Curls and I both have the same WIP: International Socks Of Doom. We joined a Raverly group Sock It To Me 2013 KAL, the sock is this month’s pattern. The socks are knit on US 5 needles and a DK weight yarn. I’m using GGH yarn since I really don’t have many DK weight yarns in my stash, I’ve tended to purchase fancy yarns, alpacas, and worsted weight. My knitting tip can barely be seen in the picture. I just noticed it isn’t really showing, just a pixels worth. When knitting-in-the-round, I use either two double needles or the magic loop. I HATE using one marker to show the starting side, having to continually slip the marker (wa-wa), so I use a knitting pin on the beginning side. You might also notice that Curls loves to use double-pointed needles and I don’t. I also like to use my tablet whenever possible, meaning I’m not taking the project on the road.

There was a debate in the group as to whether or not large gauge knit socks wear out faster. It was mentioned a smaller gauge is usually used so that the stitches are more comfortable for the bottom of the foot. My possum socks were knit on US 6 and I definitely feel the purls, but I also NEVER go bare footed so have tender tootsies. Any input?

Q's Sock of Doom

Q’s Sock of Doom

curls~Well  it is February and time for a for a new sock from the group “Sock It to Me 2013”  at ravelry.com. There are two patterns to choose from. I chose the International Sock of Doom. I hope to try the Worsted Valentine Heart Sock next. I am using the Sirdar “Crofter DK” yarn left over from the circular vest I made on the knitting machine and featured in our June 10, 2012 blog. I enjoy using the yarn holders Q knitted for me. See our post April 7, 2012 “Cover that Cake With Colorful Berries.” Looking forward to posting the finished pair. 😎

Curl's Sock Of Doom

Curl’s Sock Of Doom

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