Are They Handmade Worthy?

~A few of the blogs I’ve visited lately have discussed the issue of giving one of our cherished hand-made objects to someone who just wasn’t worthy of receiving the item. One of the posts by Opal, writer of my favorite new blogs Celebrate Life!, was entitled: Are They Fiber Worthy?” She had this fabulous Do You Knit the Gift or Do You Buy the Gift? flowchart from the-panopticon blog. This chart still is getting a chuckle from me! You have to go to his site for a real chuckle.
This is my new guide! Hubs is going to be mad, but he’s on the BUY side. He knows why! 😎 I have my mental checklist, and I do have the “BUY” list.  This chart goes beyond fiber, it really says “is the person hand-made worthy?” Every object is infused with our care and hours of time and to see it so cavalierly disregarded is hurtful, upsetting, and “I-want-to-stomp-on-something-so-I-don’t-scream! How many of you have wanted to take back an gift because it wasn’t appreciated or treated properly. Raise you hand! Mine is up! Share with us the worst scenario for your hand-made gift, all of us will sympathize. Go ahead, make something for me! I promise I am “hand-made worthy” and will cherish it. 😎