The Younger Years

– My mom taught me to crochet at an early age.

This brown shawl was my first project. 🙂  It really is brown. Q took this to college with her. She loved it, it was cold in San Luis Obispo compared to San Diego. She gave it back a few years ago saying it would need to eventually be passed on to one of my boys.

This was my second crochet project.  I remember going with my mom to Yarn Mart to buy the blue yarn. Remember Yarn Mart! HUGE store with a zillion types of yarn to choose from. The shade of blue is just so wonderful!

Next, my mom taught me to knit. I would knit and knit just for practice. This is my first knitting project.

When I was in high school, this afghan kit was given to me one Christmas by mom. After a while, I got tired of knitting and knitting and knitting this afghan, so I bound off, even thought I had lots yarn left over. This could be one of the reasons I get bored with off-white yarn. A little while later, I used the leftover yarn to make a sweater with a hood and pockets which zipped up the front. Every time she sees the afghan, my mom says, ” I can’t believe I bought you such a complicated pattern for your first project.” I didn’t think about it being difficult. The only mistake I can see today is in the popcorn pattern. 😦 Don’t zoom in to close, I don’t want you to see the holes. 😎 I have tied up most of them. Lesson learned: store my woolens with cedar chips, with lavender, or in my deep freezer otherwise they become a fiesta for moths. 🙂

Angry at the Angry Birds Red Hat Pattern!

 After starting the Angry Bird Red Hat three times I’m going to use the Black Hat pattern for the Red Hat! I have been crocheting since high school (back in the dark ages), so I know how to read a pattern. After joining the circle it says: 2 SC, 2 SC next stitch.  I did 2 SC and then 2 SC in next stitch. Um, there aren’t any chains, it’s a solid crochet hat. What the instructions should have said was “SC in the next two sc, 2 SC in the following sc” or words to that effect. I actually checked quite a few similar crochet hat patterns to see if I was off-base, they had SC in the next two stitches and the 2 SC in the following stitch. Ok. Redid that. Forgot to put a marker in the first SC, pull it back to that point. Now, I followed exactly what was written, waiting for the crown to “fold over” to the sides.  Instead, this is the “potato chip” I’m crocheting! When I looked at the patterns for the Black, Blue, and Green Hats they were different than the Red Hat.  You can read the pattern and see how it goes down from the crown. The patterns for the other three colors match, it’s the Red that is different.  I’m done!  Restarting the Red Hat using the Black Hat pattern!  I know that pattern works since Curls has completed the Black Hat and it is FABULOUS!!! 😎 Learn from my hair wrenching experience, make the Red Hat using the Black Hat pattern! ARGH! 😎 Potato chip!

Home Full of Love – Curls

– The best thing about having a creative family is the love you see in every creation they have made. Q and my homes are filled with this love that we feel every time we look at them.

In my guest bathroom, I have a few small wall hangings that grandma made and a plaster of paris art work that I made in high school.


My breakfast nook has a floral cross stitch that I did. This is my favorite one. It took about two years to stitch. The teapot is done by my mother. She gave me the tea pot to go with the picture. The doily is done by my great aunt Mable, grandma’s sister. The two Crabby Patties are made out of play dough by my two older grandchildren, Baylie and Gavin.

This cross stitch is hung over my kitchen sink. It is one of my first cross stitch projects. I sign all of my projects, usually, in the lower right hand corner.


In my living room are so many had crafted items, it was hard to choose which ones to spotlight. The pillow on the left was done by dad. He made one for Q too. He was very crafty. He could fix just about anything. He enjoyed working with his hands. He got into beading and made some wonderful necklaces. One of his tips was published in Beading. The hand stitched lace, on the end table, was done by great-aunt Mable. I have tried to crochet lace like this but the hand work was too small for me to do. The cross stitch flower, on the wall,  was done by my husband’s step-grandmother Katie (close up below). The wall hanging on the right was done by grandma. Grandma did not do the “conventional” type of needlework, her items were pieces of art. Oh, the settee belonged to my great-grandparents. It also has a place of honor in my home!



The TV room is where I work. My husband’s chair is on the left and is draped with the blanket that I made for him. It has old time RV and travel trailers on it. Q gave me the material for my yellow ducky blanket, it was the first one I made. I love yellow, rubber duckies. I have since  made one for all of the grand-children. See the basket next to my chair, my knitting projects are in the basket. The green felted bag, I made, has my Wreck This Journal plus pens and supplies in it.  The spinning wheel corner has another cross stitch I made for my husband and another hanging done by grandma. Grandma LOVE to make this type of wall hanging.  All of us grandchildren have some. The spinning wheel was hand crafted in Norway. It was made for the new home in America. Great-grandma Slette brought it over.


This is the toy cross stitch I made for my husband. He loves toys. The four duck picture was drawn by youngest son, in high school. All the duck’s beaks are colored yellow except one, so I told him that was me. The only female in the family. The ceramics were made by oldest boy, in high school and the colored eggs  by my youngest. There use to be five. 😦

The master bedroom has my only quilt that I have ever finished, so far. It is the pattern “Turning Twenty”, by Tricia Cribbs. The crochet afghan was crochet by grandma. The wall hanging was quilted by sister Terri.


The end table is an old sewing table with the singer sewing machine still inside. On the table is another lace cover done by great-aunt Mable. She did such fab work. Closeup picture below.


The Peter Rabbit wall hanging was done by sister Terri.  It hangs in the grand-children’s room. The quest bedroom’s bathroom has a wall hanging done by grandma. Sitting on the toilet is a small creation done by her, also.

Hope you all have enjoyed looking at a small example of the wonderful creations that surround me everyday. Q and I have started early with our grand-children teaching them how to be creative.