Lost In The Subway

q8~Riding the subways is a totally new experience for The Hubs and me. It’s a good thing he had me along or he’d be like the guy in the Kingston Trio’s song MTA – “Did he ever return, no he never returned, and his fate is still unknown. He could ride forever ‘neath the streets of Boston (insert Montreal), he’s the man who never returned.”  Until I met my husband, I didn’t know that there were people with ZERO sense of direction. I mean none, unless he’s in the neighborhood – I’ll give him that. My loving nickname for him is “Mr. One-Eighty”.

We stayed in Old Montreal, at my b-i-l’s apartment, and the subway station was about 2 blocks away. From the title of today’s blog, you probably think we got lost on the subway, not true. Alas, it was my hand knit hat which I loved. This was it’s very first outing since it usually is not cold enough in San Diego for wool hats. I always wear sun hats since I sunburn easily. Remember this hat from my Encircle My Head blog of January 7 of this year?

Encircle Wooly Wormhead Mystery Hat KAL

Encircle Wooly Wormhead Mystery Hat KAL

Well, we may not have lost our way on the subway, but Encircle did. Sadness. We were taking the subway from the Olympic Stadium on the green line stop Pie-IX (really Pie? How can you not get hungry?) and disembarked at Berri-UQAM for a snack. Don’t judge, we’d walked a million miles at the Stadium and environs. I had taken my hat and jacket off as soon as we sat down in the subway and, I thought, put the hat in my coat pocket.

Anyway… We walked around the underground mall at the Berri-UQAM station for a bit. We finally decided to have a snack at Van Houtte , we’d seen quite a few and thought we’d give it a try. The smell of coffee pulled me inside. Sitting down, I put my coat and backpack on the chair next to me. We shared the most sinfully delicious cheesecake that we’ve ever had called Bling Bling. Heavenly!

Bling Bling at Van Houtte

Bling Bling at Van Houtte

When we finished, I grabbed my belonging and we hopped onto the orange line for the Champ-de-Mars stop. At the stop, before going out into the cold, it was 5:30 pm by then, I donned my coat and grabbed for my hat! “It’s lost,” I cried to my husband. My beloved, beautiful-to-me, hat with-a-special-button was gone. I walked back to the apartment with a heavy heart. Luckily I still had the hat Curls made for me so my head would be covered in our next outing.

I hope someone who really needs a hat found it and loves it. I’m hoping it wasn’t found by the Québécoise who sat near us on the orange line. As I commented to gentlestitches, “I found the people to be wonderfully friendly, and most spoke English although it was their second language. While sitting in the subway there was a couple, in their 50′s or so, who kept sneaking glances at us. Obviously, the man didn’t know that I understood French and said, “People should only speak French in Quebec.” I was polite and didn’t make a smart-ass comment to him. Only negativity we found on our trip.” I would be sad if such rude people saw me drop my hat and kept it.  I can only daydream about the type of person who found it. Maybe it was dropped in Van Houtte’s and a starving student found it and now has a warm head as she heads off to class? Sigh….. If anyone living in the area sees someone wearing my hat, tell her to wear it in good health.

Encircle My Head

q~While donning my Encircle hat, I realized that I never posted the finished object. this was the  Wooly Wormhead Mystery Hat KAL. I finished the hat and it took a few weeks to decide which adornment I liked. I knit and crocheted a couple of flowers, hum……. Didn’t grab me. Played with a few different buttons and finally decided on one. This is the finished project! I technically can’t count it in my used stashed for this year since it’s been done for awhile. Dang!