Q is for Quiet


Julia and quiet book

Oh dear, it’s been forever since I posted. I found knitting to be difficult after my concussion, so jumped back into sewing. Quiet Books are my newest passion. I’d been lusting after a Cricut Explore Air for a few months, and my wonderful husband told me I deserved one and to order it. Done!

After making three boy-themed, name-personalized, quiet books I HAD to make a girl’s book. Of course, girls need purses. I’ve raised the bar in the last few books I’ve made. Each page now has a soft animal which matches the letter of the page, and a small laminated book which gives fun facts about each of the animals used in the book. Julia book was made as a surprise for my daughter Emily to give to a child of one of the women in her mother’s group. As you can see, the girl was totally enthralled with the book. A special touch is that I used some of my alpaca wool on both sides of the alpaca.

Julia Cover:

Cover of Julia

J is for Jellyfish:

J is for Jellyfish

U is for Urchin:

U is for Urchin

L is for Leopard:

L is for Leopard

I is for Iguana:

I is for Iguana
A is for Alpaca:
A is for Alpaca

Gift Tag Page:

Gift Tag page

Julia back cover with mini-book:

Julia back cover

When doing research for alphabet animals to use in the mini-books, I found Alphabetimals and fell totally in love with them. So CLEVER!!! I use them to represent the animals in the mini-books.

QHope all of you have been having a wonderful crafty time!


Quiet Book For Boone

Boone is enthralled with his book

Boone is enthralled with his book

A special family friend just turned one. Of course, I had to make an extra wonderful book for him. I’ve been on a Quiet Book kick lately, as show by the mega pins I’ve done on Pinterest.  As a retired science/computer teacher I could not resist making this a rainbow-themed book using ROY G BIV colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. I did throw in some white and black. I’ve purposely blocked out Boone’s face since this is on the Internet.

Front Cover

Front Cover

pocket page

Pocket page

b is for bear

B is for Bear

o is for octopus

O is for Octopus

o is for owl

O is for Owl

n is for newt

N is for Newt

e is for elephant

E is for Elephant

back cover

Rainbow back page

The book is 9 x 9 inches. Each individual page is backed with an interfacing. The individual pages were sandwiched together with a light cotton batting filling. Every item was sewn down, except the one I forgot. I used heavy duty grommets since I knew a one-year old would give this book plenty of loving. I wanted each page to either do something or have a texture, some pages have both.

Photo page – Boone’s picture was printed out at 4 x 6 inch size. I used a self-laminating pouch for it. A hole was punched into the pic and a heavy duty “springy cord with hooks” was used to attach it to the book. I included the rest of the laminating pouches so they could pick out other favorite pictures to include. The pocket pattern was free.

B is for Bear – I put stars on the shirt for texture.

O is for Octopus – Vinyl was sewn on the head and stuffed with puff balls and under the tentacles I used the grip fabric used on the bottom feet of kid’s pjs.

O is for Owl – The owl slides back and forth on the cord. A textured felt was used for the main part of the body.

N is for Newt – Fish were included to indicate that this was an animal that lives in and around water. If you lift up the left foot, you’ll find a fish under it. Bumpy green “thingies” were used for texture.

E is for Elephant – The ears are flappy and the trunk is fabric with elastic inside for baby to pull.

Rainbow back – ROY G BIV! The template for the rainbow came from Rainbow template

I found clipart and other animal examples from Google searches. I used Photoshop to design the layout; letter sizes, animal sizes, etc. The Felt Alphabet was free from Purl Soho. The idea for an alphabet, name book came from here, as did the Newt pattern.

This was a blast to make, as well as its frustrations. My first ever felt book so there was a big learning curve.

QHave a crafty, wonderful day!

Counting With a Jellyfish

Jellyfish Counting Game

Jellyfish Counting Game

First quiet book page done: Counting Jellyfish. I free-handed the shape of the jellyfish. I stitched around it twice since there will be plenty of tugging on the “tentacles” and beads. I purchased the “ribbon” at Michael’s close-out last year. The pony beads were from the Dollar Store. Every jellyfish needs fish so I ironed a fusible web onto the Riley Blake fish fabric and then onto the felt. For texture, I glued small bead/glitter to the top of the jelly. The page size is 9″ x 9″.

q8Have a fun crafty day!

DIY Angry Birds Button Game

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Knock, Knock! Can we come out to play with the little ones?

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

One of my favorite blogs, Me & My Veritas Sewing an Crafting Projects With and For Kids by Jana, featured a DIY Button Up Game, a game to help toddlers with their fine motor skills. A few weeks ago, I had my three year old grandson stay the night. After seeing the game on Jana’s site, I had to make one for him.  Check her site for detailed instructions. I did make some modifications, he loves Angry Birds so I found a site with an Angry Birds coloring book, making sure his King Pig favorite was on the page, and printed it out. Each figure was cut out from felt, and I used a light box to trace the face using a Sharpie. A slit was cut into each piece of felt large enough for the button to fit through.

I sewed a button to one end of a piece of 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon the other was threaded through round piece of felt and tied into a knot. You can see the ribbon and button in the above picture.  The round piece of felt acts as a stop for the other felt pieces.

Bye Bye

Bye Bye

All done? Put the game away in it’s nice little “home”.



Have I been conspicuous in my absence? A bit over two weeks ago, I got Salmonella food poisoning from a fast foot joint! After gastrointestinal problems for 4 hours, my Vagus nerve cause my blood pressure to drop causing me to pass out. On my fall to the floor, I hit a few items with my face! One was a wooden step we keep in the bathroom for the grandkids. I came to with blood running everywhere. Long story short, a slight concussion, severe dehydration, and mega-headaches, I’m slowly on the mend. I finally have been able to knit again. My eyes looked like raccoon eyes, black and blue all around. Anyway….. the doctor said it will take a few months for all of the bumps, swelling and bruises to heal.