FO – 40 Years Later

q~With Christmas coming and my son on his way home from Afghanistan, today I decided it was time for me to finish my mother-in-law Geri’s afghan. I was lucky enough to inherit the unfinished afghan since my sister-in-law doesn’t knit and I do. Geri had finished the knitting the rows of multiple color, but had not woven in the ends (the really boring part). My son held a special spot in his Grandma Geri’s heart so I think this afghan will be the perfect gift to him from her. He doesn’t read this blog and his sisters won’t tell. 😎

The knitting pattern is so interesting! I’m dying to try this pattern in a scarf. The colors are totally the 1970’s. Both sides were full of ends which had to be woven in. And dang, you can see they don’t look like fringe so it had to be done.


It took hours of tedious weaving, but it’s done! Since it’s acrylic, I threw it in the washer with some fabric softener, and then in the dryer. Now it’s ready to be wrapped. Mike will be delighted. Chalk one Finished Object up for Geri! You are missed.