Finally Finished!

~Finished! The Knitpicks Bare fingerling yarns have been dyed and are ready for my Color Affection shawl. I refuse to purchase another circular needle for this project so I have to finish a WIP.  Unfortunately, the pictures don’t show that both the yellow-orange and red-orange skeins are subtle variegations. I used Jacquard Acid Dyes. The yarn were put into the dye bath dry and twisted, which allowed some areas to soak up more dye than others. Colors used left to right: 1. Sunny Yellow with a smidge of Golden Yellow, 2. Golden Yellow, 3. Golden Yellow with 1/2 the amount of Fire Red.

Life imitates art! After dying my yarn, I picked up this bit of fluff to practice with in class. Look how closely they match. Amazing! You can see the variegation in my yellow-orange yarn better in this picture.

Photo class field trip to Seaport Village, San Diego today! Barb is coming along! Will share pics tomorrow.