Ms. Spins-A-Lot

q~I’m sure it’s not apparent, but I have so totally been on a spinning kick. It’s recommended that a spinner spins at least 10 minutes every day. I’m trying my best to meet that goal. Yesterday Sweaty Knitter blogged about Niddy Noddys showing her beauties. Mine is the ugly duckling which I made, but works well. It’s a good thing because I’m using it so much lately it’s going to have wear grooves in it. This is what I have with my noddy; the crazy, dye-by-me purple fiber carded with halloween fire sparkle and spun is on the noddy waiting for its turn to soak and hang. The finished pink batt after being spun, wound, wetted, and hung. I shared the batt with you on the November 11 post: Batting 1000. On the bobbin, waiting it’s turn for the noddy is a black fiber carded with halloween fire sparkle before spinning.


The spun hand-dyed orange – halloween fire yarn hanging to dry on the “prepare me for knitting” set-up. I always soak my finished skeins in hot water with Soak for at least 20 minutes and then hang using different sized cans as weights. Horrid picture, but I can’t fit into that tight space to take a proper pic.


Hurray for me! I got hand-carders for my birthday. They arrived and the Hubs put them together for me. A big thank you! I’ve been hyperventilating waiting to try hand carding the Halloweenish fibers I’ve dyed with the Halloween colored Fire. This is the orange, the same one that’s hanging above:

orange2Orange rolag, Hand-dyed orange fiber, Halloween Fire, Fiber on carded

The Halloween fiber is destined to become a Jester Hat for the grandkids.