Q is for Quiet


Julia and quiet book

Oh dear, it’s been forever since I posted. I found knitting to be difficult after my concussion, so jumped back into sewing. Quiet Books are my newest passion. I’d been lusting after a Cricut Explore Air for a few months, and my wonderful husband told me I deserved one and to order it. Done!

After making three boy-themed, name-personalized, quiet books I HAD to make a girl’s book. Of course, girls need purses. I’ve raised the bar in the last few books I’ve made. Each page now has a soft animal which matches the letter of the page, and a small laminated book which gives fun facts about each of the animals used in the book. Julia book was made as a surprise for my daughter Emily to give to a child of one of the women in her mother’s group. As you can see, the girl was totally enthralled with the book. A special touch is that I used some of my alpaca wool on both sides of the alpaca.

Julia Cover:

Cover of Julia

J is for Jellyfish:

J is for Jellyfish

U is for Urchin:

U is for Urchin

L is for Leopard:

L is for Leopard

I is for Iguana:

I is for Iguana
A is for Alpaca:
A is for Alpaca

Gift Tag Page:

Gift Tag page

Julia back cover with mini-book:

Julia back cover

When doing research for alphabet animals to use in the mini-books, I found Alphabetimals and fell totally in love with them. So CLEVER!!! I use them to represent the animals in the mini-books.

QHope all of you have been having a wonderful crafty time!