Surprises From Swindon

Grandson in Mouse Hat

Grandson in Mouse Hat

When showing up to watch our precious grandson, Little Man (LM), on Friday, he was so excited to show off the surprise presents which he’d received from his great-grandma Joycie and Mary, her best friend since they were 16. He’s wearing the adorable hat-with-a-mouse-in-the-pocket made by Mary. Some of you long time followers might remember the stunning, hand-knit, table cloth Joycie gave to me.

Close up of Mouse Hat

Close up of Mouse Hat

Sweater (Jumper) by Joycie,  Hat by Mary

Sweater (Jumper) by Joycie, Hat by Mary

Little Man was excited that the hat matched the new sweater (or jumper as Joycie says) so perfectly. The day was a bit too warm to wear the jumper out on our walk. Joyice had mama measure LM and email the results to her, so the sweater has been knit in England to fit LM in California. Hurray! He thinks the tail on the mouse is hysterical! Can you see it?

In addition to the clothes, Mary made some wonderful “chew” toys. LM’s mom, my daughter, adores Elephants so it was wonderful to see two “chew” elephants. Nate was not happy that he couldn’t have the toys before pictures were taken! Elephant noses are the perfect size to chew. Mary makes a much larger, knit soldier, about 36″ tall, which she donates every year to a local charity’s auction.

"Chew" toys by Mary.

“Chew” toys by Mary.

On a different note, I cancelled the domain, however, I kept I’m wondering how many people are actually getting my post now since I haven’t been seeing any traffic? Please let me know if this post came through. I just didn’t feel as if I needed to pay the $26/year.