A Jump Start On April

HiyaHiya Diamondoid Lace Socks

HiyaHiya Diamondoid Lace Socks

The March socks are finished so I’m jump-starting April’s socks. April’s gem is the diamond and the flower is the daisy. Things just kinda fell into my lap for the April socks. I’m quite intrigued by brown diamonds and I found the Hiya Hiya Ravelry Group. To kill-to-birds-with-one-stone,  I’m knitting the free, as long as I finish them by April 8, Hiya Hiya Diamondoid Lace Socks using a self-striping On Your Toes yarn. These were originally started as a mystery pattern, so after I finish one clue, I email the moderator and she sends the next clue. I just finished the gusset on Clue 3, and am ready to do the heel. Starting the sock early really isn’t in the spirit of the Sock-It-To-Me 2015 group, so I’ll use this sock and let them know I started it early.

In order to increase my sock knitting skills, every month will be a new challenge. For February’s socks leg pattern down the heel flap, instead of the heel flap I’m used to, and turning the heel was a different technique.  I changed the pattern on the  March socks to include a lace pattern and I’ve never knit anklets. April’s socks are my first go at toe-up knitting! True confessions time…… I grabbed a US 2 needle instead of a US 1.5 the first time I started these socks. Got through the second clue and noticed that the socks would easily fit Andre the Giant! I know, I know, why didn’t I knit a swatch to check my gauge? That would have caught the mistake in needle size immediately. Sigh….. I really am enjoying the toe-up experience. BTW I belong to the Addicted to Knitting Socks on Facebook. What a great group of people! As one member said, she loves the sock “porn”. Such stunning socks! And the yarn…… Yummy! Knitting socks is my latest kick!


Daffodils Are Here


My March, Sock-It-To-Me 2015, Ravelry group, Daffodil socks are done! The birthstone for March is aquamarine and it’s flower the daffodil. I had originally planned on knitting a pair of socks evoking the wonders of water, using a beautiful skein of yarn with various shades of aquamarine with just a hint of yellow, which I ordered from an Etsy vendor. However, the Etsy time for my review came in before the skein was even sent. I had to email the person after 5 days to see when it would be sent. Sigh…… I’ve never had this problem before. So on to Plan B – I knit the Worsted Anklet pattern by JoAnne Turcotte for Kraemer Yarns, adding a lace pattern to the top. The original, Elisabeth Lavold wool was putty color, so, after the socks were done, I overdyed the socks into this pretty daffodil color. I’ve never overdyed after a project was finished before so my fingers were crossed. The pattern looks as if those are closed daffodil bud.

Undyed Daffodil Sock showing pattern

Undyed Daffodil Sock showing pattern

The socks were knit using a magic loop. For me, circular knitting is either done on two needles or using the magic loop. With this pattern, there were a total of 40 stitches, 20 on each part. The lace pattern for the instep was based on a 16 st pattern, an 8 stitch repeat. I knit two stitches before beginning the pattern and two stitches at the end of the pattern to give the 20 stitches required. I know I’ve blogged about using graph-lined index cards to make my knitting easier. This is the card I used while knitting the lace pattern on Daffodil. For my foot length (Ladie’s size 8), I repeated the lace pattern 3 times.

Lace Pattern for Daffodil

Lace Pattern for Daffodil

I add the two + on either end of the pattern as a visual reminder to me that I had to knit the first two and last two stitches of the row. Knit the pattern on the odd rows and knit across the even rows.  I’m not sure when I changed from having to read a row of printed lace pattern to being able to read a chart. Hasn’t been that long.


FO: Tidal Wave Socks

Tidal Wave_

Tidal Wave Socks by Deby Lake


Tidal Wave and Shoes

Tidal Wave and shoes

Love, love, love the way these socks fit! Softer that soft! No judging! But….. I actually blogged about starting these socks on July 15, 2012, This Sock Pattern Is Much Better! Yarn? Debbie Macomber Petals, (merino, angora, and nylon). Pattern? Tidal Wave Socks by Deby Lake. WIP finished = check!

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