Throw In A Bit Of Mystery Shawl With Some Tips!

~Remember my mentioning that fellow bloggers just lead me into temptation? Well, because Peacefully Knitting has mentioned being in a KAL for a Mystery Shawl I though ,”What fun!” and coerced Barb into  joining the Fall 2012 Mystery Shawl KAL. Funny thing, when I joined I found it was the same person who sponsored the last mystery shawl I did about 5 years ago! At least for this project the pattern is free and I had the yarn and needles, so cost = $0!

I have finished Clue 1 and this is what it looks like so far:

I have a few tips for knitting lace and adding beads:

1. After trying many markers, I found they were all to “heavy” for lace weight yarn. So I make markers out of embroidery thread. They’re “light” and don’t weight the yarn down.

2. I like a smaller sized bead with lace weight yarn. None of my crochet hooks fit through a size 8/0 bead. I know other people use the stiff dental floss, I don’t like it. It is perfect for threading my Baby Loc though. Instead, I cut the end off of a beading needle. Really easy with wire snips. I also do a small snip to the other end to blunt it. See how nicely the needle opens? You can trim the needle shorter if you’d like.


A. Open the wire and slip through the stitch:

B. Pick up the bead.


C. Pull the bead down the wire and the stitch.

D. Place stitch back on left-hand needle.

Now your ready to knit the stitch with the bead.

Lastly, I use a pdf app which allows me to mark up the pattern. This helps with reading. This Mystery Shawl only has charts, so I make notes on the chart. This is my Toshiba tablet and I use the RepliGo PDF editor. You can see how I’ve marked the number of stitches on the chart. Also / = k2tog. If this were a written pattern, I’d block differ areas and fill with color. (Yes, you can see my reflection.) When I use the iPad, which is technically Hubs, I use GoodReader. Neither app is free, but well worth the money!


I have to go on the record saying that I really do not like knitting with lace-weight yarn! Peacefully Knitting and I agree on that point! But, I did go through a period 5 years ago when I was in a lace frenzy. As a result, there is plenty of lace-weight in my stash, so…….

Oh, I hear my California Towhee in the back chipping at me. Time to go out and throw some seed at him.