January Wrap Up

q~Feeling good about the projects finished this month. All have been completed using up stash.  Here’s my progress on 2013 Goals:


  • Leaf Muddars – my pattern
  • Peasant Ruffled Pidge – Skacel Knitting
  • Whittier Hat – by Anne Kuo Lukito, my handspun yarn
  • Beginner’s Socks – Heather Storta
  • State Street Cowl – Quince and Co.
  • Small knit bag – my pattern
  • Tidal Wave Socks – by Deby Lake
  • Litla Dimun Shawl – in Folk Shawls
  • 2012 Mystery Shawl KAL
  • Mystery Shawl
  • Brioche Scarf – in Knitting Brioche – Half done
  • Lavender Linen Lace Shawl
  • Self-fringing Shawl
  • Directional Scarf
  • Volna Scarf – by Grumperina – Done some knitting
  • Victorian Shawlette – Done some knitting
  • Kimono by Plymouth Yarns – Done some knitting
  • Concerto – triangular ruffle shawl by Sheera
  • Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf – by Sivia Harding – Done some knitting
  • Amanda’s Vest for Scarf Knitters – by Amanda’s Art-Yarn
  • Flower Blanket – black and white handout, no author listed – new block knit
  • Knotty Scarflet – Sivia Harding
  • Lazy Girl Shawl – Melissa Mitchel
  • Kaellingesjal 1897 – Hap shawl by Mette Roerbec
  • Norwegian Star – finish second sock
  • Winona – shrug by Berroco


  • Nightgown – 2 1/2 yards
  • Bucket bag – 1 yard
  • Pieced squares for queen sized quilt

Look Ma – No Holes Wrap and Turn

 While on our Northwest Journey, one of our favorite yarn stops was at Yellow House Yarns in Puyallup ( pronounced Pew – All – Up said together quickly). What a wonderful store, make sure it is on your “must visit” if you are ever in the Seattle area.  Anyway….. there was a stunning shawl on display. When I inquired about it, I was told it was designed by the owner, Megan Peters, and was titled Lay Girl Shawl. 😎  I was told that Megan hated to cast on a ton of stitches to make a shawl, so she designed this one starting from a few stitches and building up. The pattern was free with yarn purchase, so how could I pass up that deal? The two colors I picked for the shawl were Heritage by Cascade (MC) and Jitterbug 400 by Colinette (CC). Today, I checked Ravelry for the pattern and I found it for download: Lazy Girl Shawl

Modelling and Photography by Melissa Mitchell

The ruffle is actually done with short rows.  I’ve done a lot of short row patterns, but the wrapped and turn stitches alternated.  In this pattern the wrapped and turned stitch was always the same. When the stitch is always the same, a hole can appear.  The pattern had the best idea for getting rid of that hole, I have found others online giving instructions too. Look at the bottom right under the “braided” part, see, no hole.

Look at the wrap and turn while knitting, there’s a big hole after the wrap and turn stitch. (Right marker in hole.)

Zoom in and you’ll see three wraps around the wrap and turn stitch. (Last stitch on right hand needle, stitch has been slipped.)

Instructions for removing hole.

1. Slip the wrapped stitch to the right hand needle. (See picture above)

2. Pick up the three wraps with the left hand needle. (Below)

3. Knit the wraps and pass slip stitch over.  (Below) Look ma, no holes! 😎

Of course, after I took the pictures I realized that I had mixed up my colors.  The purple was to be the main color.  So…… you guessed it!  I had to unravel the whole thing and start again!! *%&$#@. And, this was the project I was doing because I was getting annoyed by the lace shawl project I was working on! Here it is with the correct color order. Notice the marker on the right side. It’s for my old eyes which have trouble seeing dark colors when I knit at night. Oh, I stayed up until 2 am last night just to finish that lace shawl and be done!