We’re Having a Heatwave and This Is What We’re Drinkin’

~The temperature is rising and Ms. Crabby-pants is here! At 7 am, the temp in the house was already 79.5 degrees – really cooled off over night. And no, we don’t have air conditioning. 8-( Then I went outside and it was 78 in the shade – this spells another horrid day! Triple digits at our house yesterday. I know, I know, wah, wah, wah! Inside our two-storied house it is so hot that the solid, hydrogenated, coconut oil I use for cooking has melted. It melts between 97–104 °F (36–40 °C). Does anyone know of a place I can move to that doesn’t ever get under 50 degrees or over 80 AND isn’t humid? Lethargy has set in, I just sit in front of the fan. 😎 Forget knitting or crocheting — way too hot! Getting a lot of reading and drinking done! Have to keep hydrated, so plenty of fluids! I have a stock of these drinks in the refrigerator so I can mix-it-up during the day.

My water concoction. A sprig of mint, I grow both Chocolate Mint and Orange Mint so I alternate. Take the leaves off of the stem sprig and bruise them with your fingers. Squeeze either a half of a lime or a lemon. Fill the cup with ice and water. I put the concoction into a shaker and shake, shake, shake. This helps the ice help bruise the mint some more.  Pour into glass. This is so refreshing, why drink regular water? I make a pitcher full and refrigerate.

Daughter Darcey, owner of theDealyo, scored a coupon for products at Teavana for half-price.Precious daughter gave it to me, she knows I’m wild about that place. They had the most fabulous taste treats! I walked out with: Youthberry, Wild Orange Blossom, Citrus Lavender Sage, Opus Rouge, and German Rock Sugar. Just typing these names is sending me into a heavenly state! I’ve been making iced tea using combinations of the blends. Generic recipe: 1 scoop of each of the two teas to blend, 1 teaspoon of Geman Rock Sugar (I don’t like overly sweet tea), steep for 5 minutes then pour over ice. One combination is Youthberry and Wild Orange Blossom, the second is Citrus Lavender Sage and Opus Rouge. Such a wonderful smell will pervade your living area from these teas.

The Pineapple Sweet Tea featured at Serving Up The Skinny, owned by my wonderful daughters, helped me make it through our triple digit heat yesterday! You can find the recipe at their site. If it’s Happy Hour and you are looking for something stronger you must try their Frozen Peach BelliniSingle Serving Margarita or Todd’s Pimms Cocktail. I do have a complaint about daughter Emily, she posted the Frozen Peach Bellini the day AFTER my stay with them. What the heck? Although I did get to taste the fabulous Chocolate Shortbread Squares,a recipe her wonderful mother-in-law, Jen, brought back from England. You should visit their site good recipes and humorous writing. The picture is from their site and was taken by daughter Sarah.

  Already too hot to drink hot coffee. Oh, I can hear the disagreement now! Curls being the main critic, “You are so crazy”, she would say and my mom and sister Lindsay echoing her sentiments! While writing this blog, I am drinking iced coffee. That’s my speed in hot weather. I have an iced coffee blend to die for. Measure out the normal amount of coffee, use half the amount of water, and brew. Pour coffee over ice. I usually have mine black, but you can add sugar and milk if so desired. I don’t desire. 😎 Another container of iced coffee sits in the refrigerator. 😎

 I always have a pitcher full of regular, black, unsweetened tea in the refrigerator – even in winter. I am my dad’s daughter. He loved ice tea, yes ice tea he was from Texas. Now I know southern ice tea is sweetened, but during college I got used to drinking it unsweetened to keep down expenses. 😎 I used 8 teabags for 8 cups of water, that means 1 cup of water per teabag. When working, I taught school at a high school in the mountains, it would be snowing and I’d be walking in with my ice tea in hand. Principal thought I was nuts! This love of ice tea is a gene I’ve passed on to my kids! The Hubs  and my mom won’t touch the stuff with a ten-foot pole. Hubs won’t drink coffee either so what does that tell you? Nuts?

Whenever we have lemons, I make tons of lemonade. I usually add berries or cherries to brighten the taste. We’ve published two different lemonade recipes on Curls and Q so I won’t reblog the recipes.

And now for the answer to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” Look at the left-hand side counter, to the right of the white, hand towel on the counter. What do you see? Why, isn’t that a modern, plastic, water bottle? 😎 Laughing out loud! When I pointed it out to my son-in-law, who’s parents were born in the United Kingdom, he informed me that the Brits had the plastic water bottles way back then, it took the American’s half a century to catch up! Smart aleck! How did the photo shoot people miss that? Too funny! Glad they did. 😎

Barb’s Addicting Sparkling Lemonade


Barb’s Addicting Sparkling Lemonade

1/4 cup Lemon juice or Lime juice
1 T honey or sugar – add more if you like it sweeter
about 8 oz  Pellegrino

Add the lemon/lime juice to an 8 oz glass.  Add the honey/sugar and mix well. We like ours a bit tart so you might need more honey/sugar.  Q fills her cup with ice, Barb doesn’t like as much ice.  Put in the amount you like.  Now fill the glass to the top with Pellegrino and gently stir.  Add a sprig of mint. AH!  Perfect sparkling lemonade for a hot day! Enjoy while you sit outside and blissfully knit!

Guess I’m Not a Vanilla Type of Gal

 Yesterday I started spinning some vanilla colored Ashland Bay Portuguese Wool Top Spinning Fiber. After spinning about 20 oz I decided I could not spin that vanilla color one more minute.  It was so boring I almost fell asleep at the wheel.  Yawn.  I kept saying, “Dye it when you’re done.”  Didn’t work.  Pulled out the crockpot and some KoolAid.  I tried a new dyeing method.  Don’t you just love craft blogs?  I found this method at the do stuff! blog.  This should make kind of a “spotchy” yarn.  Filled the crockpot with water and added some vinegar, even though Kool-Aid has citric acid this is thick wool and I wanted to make sure.  Added the wool, poked it down, turned it over, tons of air in this top.  You can see air bubbles in the picture. Soaked for about 20 minutes.  Then turn crockpot to high; it only has a low and a high setting.  Let it “cook” for an hour.

Colors I used; Ice Blue Raspberry, Orange, Strawberry, Lemonade, and Lemon-Lime:

Sprinkled Lemon-lime color on one side and orange on the other.  Yes, the Kool-Aid package was torn open and sprinkled directly onto the yarn top.  I did have to poke the orange a bit so it would dissolve.  You can see some of the orange Kool-Aid chunks in the picture. I left a swath of neutral color in the middle since I know the colors will bleed together.  Kinda reminds me of the Italian flag!

Top back on and let it cook.  Had to show this picture of my favorite dying tool – the wooden fork!  It is the best yarn-poker, turn-the-wet-yarn-over, and lifter-out-of-pot tool ever!

After about 30 min the dye was exhausted.  I carefully turned the yarn over, making sure I kept the green side to the left and orange to the right.  This time, I sprinkled blue on the green side and 1/2 of the strawberry package onto the orange side.  Red is so strong it will just take over if a whole pack is used.  Blue + green = Blue-green; Red + orange = red=orange.  Yum! Last dye step.  After all of the blue and the red have been exhausted, look for any white spots and add yellow lemonade.  You can see that there is a small white line going around the yarn top.  Gently turn the yarn and add yellow to the back portion.  Now the yellow lemonade has been sprinkled all around.  After the yellow has been exhausted, I let the yarn cool down in the crockpot.  With spun yarn I dump it into a colander to drain the water.  This is my first time doing a top, it seems more fragile.  I did not want to agitate too much, so I turned the crockpot off and let it cool down slowly.

Ta Da!  The final product.  I let the top cool down in the crockpot, carefully lifted into the colander to drain for awhile, then gently rinsed in a cake pan. Now it’s on the boot tray to dry.  Love the boot trays from Target.  They are large, heavy, unbreakable plastic, with about 1/2 inch lip all around. Perfect for putting wet yarn on.

My husband said, “It looks like cotton candy.”  😎  Really is quite vivid.  When it dries, I’ll spin it.  Can’t wait to see how the splotchy colors turn out!!!  Easy peasy way to dye.

Off to sister Barb’s today.  What trouble can we get into? At least, how much trouble can we get into that allows Curls to sit with her sprained ankle up?