Oh So Fetching

Curls' Fetching Hand

Curls’ Fetching Hand

Along the same theme that I had to make sure my sister, Curls, keeps warm while delivering mail in the mountains this winter, I used my very favorite fingerless glove pattern, Fetching, to make a pair for her. See how she can sort and deliver mail while the rest of her hand and wrist stay warm? I have lost count of how many fingerless gloves I’ve made from this pattern by Cheryl Naimath which is free on Knitty. The hardest part of the project was determining which yarn from my stash to use. I finally chose Sirdar Peru Naturals in the Payaca 0554 Colorway. I love the soft, tweedish, gray green color.

Text from Curls yesterday, “You won’t believe your eyes. See next text.”

Next text pic:

Fetching and Linen Scarf

Fetching and Linen Scarf

The Fetching fingerless gloves are a perfect match with the Linen Stitch scarf Curls knit for herself and blogged about on Feb 15, 2013. Being the wise older sister I texted back, “It must have registered into my subconscious so when I picked the yarn it was a match! LOL!” How totally crazy that I picked a yarn which matches her much loved Linen Scarf. Luckily, I had a ball of yarn left which I had sent home with her. Now she can make a matching hat. If someone had written that in a novel I’d say to myself, “How cheesy is that?”

QEveryday is a perfect day for being crafty. Enjoy!