Sew and Knit Worthy

Sew and Knit Worthy

Sew and Knit Worthy

Received this picture and the following text from my daughter, “Our windows are being replaced, so we’re eating dinner outside and it’s a bit chilly so I bundled up LM and realized he’s using 3 blankets and a beanie that Gma made!” Love it! LM (Little Man) is sooooo sew and knit worthy! The items that grandma (me) made are the fleece blanket behind his head, the two flannel blankets covering him, and the hat.

For the fleece blanket I wanted a different type of edging so it is edged using the Looped or Optional Braided Edging. It can be a no-sew edging. I did run a 2 inch stitch around the blanket before cutting the tabs.

For the flannel blankets I used a yard of two different patterned flannels. With right-sides together, I  sewed a 1/2 inch seam around the blanket leaving a 2 inch gap so I could turn the blanket right side out. After sewing closed the opening, I stitched around the edge with a decorative stitch. If you look closely, you can see the heart-stitch edging on the dog blanket.

The hat is the Owl Cable Cap pattern and is found at the Comfort Wool blog. There is an Owlie Sleep Sack which matches the hat.

For anyone worried that LM has crazy parents for replacing windows during winter time, we live in San Diego and the “chilly weather” was in the high 50’s. BTW, those are my “daughter’s eyes” staring out at you.