Biking San Diego Bay Part 2

– After biking on the ocean side of Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, my husband and I went over the the bay side. Mission Bay used to be a saltwater marsh, the city started dredging it in the 1940’s to make a huge, beautiful water park with peninsulas and islands.

It would take an entire day or two to bike around the entire Mission Bay. We only biked about half of the bay. We started out on the southern most point. There is a path to ride, bike, skate, walk, etc…, as far as the eye can see. Further on, the path parallels the San Diego River jetty which is a wonderful place for bird watching. In the lower, right corner is a picture of me holding up the city of San Diego in the background.

There are so many beautiful flower to see in the gardens of the the homes and hotels you pass.

Our lunch was spent watching the fishing boats and the sail boats coming in from the ocean.  When we first sat down on the bench, the water was thick with birds. It wasn’t until a fishing boat came in that we figured out why. Off flew the raucously loud birds. It was crazy seeing how many birds were following the returning fishing boats. The area abounds in Brown Pelicans which were once on the endangered species list.

If you ever visit our beautiful city, you need to do a bike ride around the bay. From Mission Beach you can ride to Ocean Beach, La Jolla, Old Town, etc… 🙂

Looking For That Cool Weather Part 1

– Al and I started working on our travel trailer early in the morning. After going into town for a part, Al said, ” Let’s go biking.” Without hesitation, I was in my biking riding togs by the time he had the bikes loaded in the truck. It was getting too hot to stay home and work.

Biking Mission Beach to Pacific Beach is a great way to spend the day. You never know what or who you will see on your ride. There are so many places to go. We started out on the boardwalk going North to Pacific Beach, we biked just north of Crystal Pier. This is not a ride you want to do on a busy weekend, since the boardwalk turns into a major traffic jam. The picture in the top left is the end of the boardwalk looking south. You can see Crystal Pier.  It is 2 3/4 miles from the jetty to the south. For more information about our ocean boardwalk click here.

The Crystal Pier cottages are a great place to stay. Al and I stayed in one years ago. The waves hitting the pier lulls you to a sleep. The cottages have been used as Hollywood locations.

After we biked all the way north, we headed back to Belmont Park and had lunch at KOJACKS, which faces Belmont Park.

There are a large variety of resturant and shops surrounding the area. The park started its life as an amusement park back in 1925. One of the oldest, wooden roller coasters, the Giant Dipper, is there and still running. It celebrated is 85th year in 2010 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. When Q and I were kids, it was still an amusement park, and we rode “The Dipper”.

After our lunch, we headed south down to the jetty located at the end of the boardwalk. From there we headed over to Mission Bay.

So here is the start of the bay side. Look for part 2. 🙂 Lots to see and which way to go.