Encircle My Head

q~While donning my Encircle hat, I realized that I never posted the finished object. this was the  Wooly Wormhead Mystery Hat KAL. I finished the hat and it took a few weeks to decide which adornment I liked. I knit and crocheted a couple of flowers, hum……. Didn’t grab me. Played with a few different buttons and finally decided on one. This is the finished project! I technically can’t count it in my used stashed for this year since it’s been done for awhile. Dang!


Fiber Run Help Needed!

~In the planning stages for a trip to Austin, Texas to visit daughter Darcey and s-i-l Todd. I need help finding fabulous yarn, fiber and quilt stores along the way. We’re leaving from San Diego and driving through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas on Interstates 8 and 10. Please let me know any wonderful stores I must visit! Then, we’ll be in Austin at least a week so what’s around there? I know an adventure to Fredericksburg is on the agenda. We’d also like to check out birding spots along the way. INPUT NEEDED! I know some of you reading the blog are area experts. 😎

Meanwhile, I’ve started working on Mystery Hat KAL clue 2.

Sweater’s on TV

~Admittedly, I get sidetracked by watching the beautiful hand-knit sweaters, shawls, hats, etc an period dresses that are on TV shows. The shawls on Cranford are wonderful, I’d love patterns. Lately I’ve had to have the hubs help me take pics of sweaters from TVshows. He freezes the picture on screen while I take the pics. Foyle’s War has two fabulous sweaters which the character Samantha is wearing. This is one of the sweaters. I know the resolution isn’t great, but I hope you get the feeling of how wonderful the sweater is. This sweater was from Foyle’s War episode Russian House.

November 9, time to check out the latest Mystery Hat KAL. At least it can’t be another 21 inch brim. 😎 Raining today so, of course, I have a migraine. That means I might not be knitting the latest clue.


What Was I Thinking?

~First, congratulations are in order for my son-in-law Ernie. This marine was just promoted to sergeant-major, the highest rank for a non-com. We’re proud of him! He was notified yesterday which happened to be my daughter, Sarah, and his 10th wedding anniversary. Special day.

Yesterday I talked the hubs into going out to lunch and Barnes and Noble. We just “happened” to go by the yarn store on the way. 😎 I picked up a skein of Malabrigo 100% Merino, super wash, sport weight yarn called Arroyo, colorway 870 Candombe. Truthfully, I did hear it calling my  name the minute I stepped across the store’s threshold. When plied, my handspuns are just not fine enough, I really needed to purchase this sport weight yarn.

Last night, when I was replying to Temptress Tina of Peacefully Knitting’s comment, I had a “duh, what was I thinking?” moment. The Mystery KAL is knit in the round, I don’t need to swatch! (Truth be told, this is the first time I’ve swatched.) My knitting is alway right on, it’s when the purl is thrown in…. I admit, my Norwegian Purling method makes my knitting looser. Mystery Hat KAL  here I come! Thankfully, I read some of the comments in the group’s forum first. One member suggested using Judy’s Magic Cast-on. Curls and I used this for the Norwegian Slippers, but I sure never thought of using it for the hat brim. It is so perfect! Now I won’t have an end to close off, it’s already closed. Knitting with Malabrigo is as if there is a tiny bit of heaven in your hands.

Marking The Place

~Desperate for stitch markers to use with my US 13 needles, Barb and I headed off to the store to purchase supplies for making markers. Success, I think my handmade heart stitch markers turned out well. I do love hearts. We purchased supplies to make smaller markers too.

Mean time, trying to get the gauge for the Mystery Hat KAL is making me NUTS! I’ve gone down a size and tried 3 different sport weight yarns. I keep putting the new swatch measurements into the YarnPro app by Karen of Sweaty Knitter. Although it is really for sweaters, skirts, etc. I use it for my small projects. It has recommended going down a needle size, check. It has recommended using a different yarn, check. The latest message from YarnPro says: The finished measurement based on you stitch gauge is 108.00, or 88.00 inches larger than the pattern’s finished measurement. This project is giving me more gray hairs. I have enough thank you! I’m already down to US 3 needles, I’m not going any smaller.