Clever Ideas For Your Garden At The Bazaar!

~July 16, 1769 ~Mission San Diego de Alcala is officially founded on Presidio Hill, which, in turn became the City of San Diego. Odd place to start the city since water is not easily accessible at the top of this hill. The mission is later moved about 6 miles east and is located next to the San Diego River. One of our field trips will be to the first mission founded by Father Junípero Serra. The original mission was turned into a Presidio which held a garrison of men. It was not until the late 1820’s – 1830’s that Old Town San Diego was settled. This town was at the western foot of Presidio Hill. I still think it odd that San Diego did not start on the bay or ocean! It was a few miles inland. While the Eastern seaboard was in it’s struggle with the English, we were developing under Spanish rule. In 1969, the two-hundreth anniversary of it’s founding, Old Town became a California State Park.

There are only a few structures left from the original Old Town. This isn’t going to be a walking tour of the historic buildings. I’m a flower person and my eyes were drawn to the plants. The Hubs and I started our tour in one of my favorite places, the old Bazaar Del Mundo sold and renamed to Plaza del Pasado. Sorry, old-timer here it will always be the Bazaar in my mind. We arrived early before the shops opened, so it was nice an quiet except for the gardeners. The Bazaar was built around a very large courtyard and has quite a wonderful garden. I’m not going to put the pictures in collages as I usually do so that you can get ideas for your garden. All pictures were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX130IS since The Hubs had a class and got to use “the good camera”.

These fellows greet you upon entering the bazaar

There are so many wagons with plants. Wish I had the rooster in my garden!

This fellow kept following me! He bought lunch for me so I guess that was ok!

And so, from the bazaar, I say, “Adios”.