Create Your Backyard Paradise

– Well the backyard is coming along fantastically. Thought I would share how I went about planning my backyard paradise.


After my husband finished the wood fence, the cement boarder, and the pergola, I took three different shots of my backyard (see above). The photographs were printed out on 8 x 10 paper. I taped the two pictures on the above left together (see below) and started creating my backyard. I used this technique before when planning the landscaping for a small area in the front yard. I started drawing in the plants as I had done before, but this just was not turning out the way I had envisioned.  I was in a quandary, what should I do? Then it hit me, why not use the catalogs from the flower companies. Cutting out the colors and sizes I wanted, I pasted them into correct place in the picture. This was a perfect rough draft for the layout of my garden!

The picture below the two taped pictures is the right side of the yard where the raised vegetable garden is going. Can you see the green blob on the right side of the picture? That’s the vegetable garden

After the plan looked exactly the way I wanted the garden, I pinned it up on the kitchen wall. My husband looked at it and thought I was nuts. He said, “Just tell me where to dig the holes.” Once the plants were in he understood what I was trying to do with the pictures. There was a method to my madness! 😎


What do you think? Cool or what. It is going to take a while for the plants to grow, and I still have some smaller plants to put in. I can add them anytime. Note: No grass. We will be putting that in when it gets cooler which is usually the end of September or October. You can see the outline of where the grass will be. We used drip line to water and put plastic down then wood chips on top. We are still creating the walk up to the pergola.



I planted succulents around the pergola and drought tolerant plants along the small fence area. The first picture is the ground cover around the pergola. The raised garden is in the works. Stay tuned. 😎