Butter Full of Crock

– So what to do with the rest of the plums? Butter butter butter! I love making and eating peach butter, because it is so easy, so why not plum butter?

Be sure to sterilize your jars, since you are not going to put the butter in a bath.  Put plums in a pot with water and cook until skins start to split. Remove.

Remove skins and pits. Place the plums in a crock pot.

Add sugar. I put in 3 cups. I didn’t make mine too sweet. I want try making different plum sauces.

Puree the plums. Use a hand mixer or a blender. Cook on low. Could take up to 24 hours. I stir when I think about it.

As you can see the plums turn a dark brown. They are not burnt. To check to see if your butter is ready. Place a small amount on a place. If there is no liquid around it, it is ready to put in jars. Remember to fill jars to 1/4″ from the top. Be sure the jars and lids are sterile.

Turn jars upside down. I turn them back over after they have cooled. They are now sealed. You are ready to use your plum butter. Enjoy. 🙂