I Spy With My Big Eye

I Spy Little Man Quilt

I Spy Little Man Quilt

I Spy.......

I Spy…….

........a helicopter

……..a helicopter

Youngest grandchild, Little Man, needed an I Spy quilt. Last November, he tried to take his cousin’s I Spy quilt. During our visit, he kept asking me “to read” his quilt to him. Needless to say, he loves it!

This was my second quilt-as-you-go quilt and I’m in love with that technique.

QNow go have a wonderful crafty day!

I Spy with My Little Eye……

Luke and quilt2

I Spy with my little eye……  Hurray! I finally finished one of the four I spy quilts I’ve been working on. This one was finished just in time for Luke’s Christmas present. He’s in love with it. Don’t you just love the bright colors?

luke finds it.jpg

I had such fun playing I Spy with both Luke and Nathan, his 2 years old cousin, when we kept them over New Year’s. Luke finds the letters. I’m in the midst of quilting Nate’s now. He was not happy when Luke left our house with the quilt.

full size picThis was my very first Quilt-as-you-go quilt. Love, love, love that technique. So nice to just quilt a few squares at a time, then join. I didn’t use any particular pre-quilt template, just made it up as I went along.

The quilt was designed using my favorite quilting app, Quiltography. See more about my much loved app from this post. The first I Spy design had a double layer of fabric around the center square.

i spy1

I have to admit that I got tired of taking pictures of the plain fabrics which went around the center, I Spy squares so I started reusing the same ones. The final quilt did not use any repeating fabric. Except for the I Spy squares, I wanted to use up my stash for the other fabrics. Deciding that I had enough 5″ square fabrics already cut to use just a single layer around the center I Spy, I redesigned the quilt.

I spy2

I liked the crazy off-center look of the I Spy quilts in this model. Again, after doing 30 squares I got bored and just used the same ones over and over. I was looking for the “feel” of the quilt and achieved it.

design board

After the top was pieced and trimmed, the blocks were put on the design board and moved all around until I found the exact placement for each one. I love my design board. You can read more about it here.

To do the quilt-as-you-go, I sewed four blocks together and pressed. Using quilting spray glue, the four blocks were put onto the batting square cut just a tad larger than the 4-block square. The first half of the quilt was quilted using my Bernina and a walking foot. After the fourth needle broke, I’d had it! My birthday is less than a month from Christmas so my sweet husband, sick of hearing me scream at the machine, researched online and found a new machine for me. Here she is:


My new Pfaff! Mom bought my first Pfaff for me in the late 1970’s. It is still going strong. It sewed clothes for all four kids, grandkids, husband, me, quilts, etc. I decided I wanted something with more stitch options so I gave the Pfaff to my daughter and bought a Bernina Quilter’s machine. Never was as happy with it as I was with my beloved Pfaff. I feel as if I have my old friend back with such wonderful new features!!! LOVE this machine. What’s that I’m sewing you ask? I Spy #4!

Off topic, I just want to let all of my favorite bloggers know that I usually read blogs with my iPad. For some reason, the last 6 months or so, I can “Like” a post but it refuses to let me log on and leave comments. I really have wanted to comment how much I am enjoying my “visits” and your wonderful blogs.

Q Have a crafty, happy day!



ISpy With My Little Eye

ISpy Quilt 1

ISpy Quilt 1

ISpy Quilt 2

ISpy Quilt 2

After years of being on a hiatus, I’ve finally ventured back into the world of quilting. Jumping in with both feet, I decided it was time to make ISpy Quilts for my two youngest grandsons ages 3 and 16 months. It was a blast collecting all of the different prints needed. Curls and I went through our fabric collections scouring for prints, and I ordered some 5″ square packets from vendors on Etsy and eBay. Each quilt took eighty 4″ squares. However, this blog is not about the quilts, I will cover those in another blog. This blog is about my new design board. I would have found this to be an overwhelming task if it were not for my new design board!

There is not an empty wall on which I can place a design board in my Sewing Studio. The perfect solution for me is to place it over the closet curtains that way, when not in use, the board can be slid out of the way. I saw this design board on a blog I follow and fell in love with it. I ordered the design board from Fons and Porter when it was on sale. Think heavy-duty, plastic, cloth-lined, picnic table cloth and that’s what this is. On the plastic side there are grid lines to help line up the squares. There are heavy duty grommets on the top on which attachments can be used. I’ve always wanted a reason to use Ikea’s DIGNITET, curtain wire, it’s the perfect solution.

Curtain wire with curtain hook clips

Curtain wire with curtain hook clips

You can see how the RIKTIG, curtain hooks with clip, are clipped onto the design board grommets. I used pliers to “close” the round part of the hook that the wire went through since this board gets pushed out of the way when not in use. The first time I pushed it, I hadn’t closed the round part and the wall came tumbling down. LOL!



My sweet husband installed the hardware for me. He determined the height of the design wall by having me reach up to my highest point. He placed it up a couple of inches up from that so the grommets were above my reach. The DIGNITET can be adjusted so it goes in a straight line. With the line tightened up and the extra wire cut, I have the perfect solution for a design wall. BTW, you can get a glimpse of the wall hanging my grandma made when she was in her 80’s.

Extra Hooks

Extra Hooks

Update to the design board is that yesterday I added extra hooks between each of the grommet pairs. I found that I wanted to hang up each row of the quilt as I finished it. Serves two purposes: 1. The row is safely out of the way and not taking up space on a horizontal surface and 2. I get to admire my work.

This quilt is my very first try at Quilt As You Go. I’ll leave that wonderful experience for another time. Until then…..

QHave a brilliant, creative day.