Angry Birds Attack Grandchildren

– I have had the best time crocheting these Angry Bird Hats. The grandchildren love them. When they came up to spend the night, I had almost finished the black and the blue Angry Bird hats. Since my son, Russ, found the pattern for me to make for my grandson R, I let him choose which one he wanted. He said, “The red one” as he went over, picked up the ball of red yarn, and handed to me.  Since they were staying the night,  I work all afternoon and night on the hats. I had all the parts done but couldn’t finish sewing them on because I had to work the next day. My husband and I showed up at their house on Saturday to surprise them with hats.

The two older grandchildren did the braids on their hats and helped me with Grandson R’s braids.  We took them to pizza and they wore them the whole time. Didn’t take them off until it was time for bed. 😎 I still have the green pig to finish. Grandson R is going through a stage refusing to have his picture taken so I have to get what I can. See our Jun 4 posting for information on how to get the free crochet pattern.

 Be wary of Red Hat, quite a few mistakes! Of course, I wanted to make the red hat first, little did I know.  These are the mistakes:

1. The hat pattern does not work.  You’ll end-up with a potato chip!  Use the black hat pattern to make the red hat. Then add the white around the bottom.

2. The beak instructions forgot to join into a round, so there is a long 26 chain of straight stitches.  Either join in the round after you have chained 26 or use the black hat beak instructions.

3. The pupil instructions say:
Row 1: 12 HD in 1st ch made, sl to 1st DC made
I bolded the error. Was that a HDC they wanted or a DC? There isn’t a HD. It should say:
Row 1: 12 DC in 1st ch made, sl to 1st DC made

4. There is a problem with the feathers on top, I just haven’t taken the time to figure that out yet.  I’m SICK of working on the red hat!!! 😎

BTW: Being the lazy crocheter, I didn’t tie off and then re-tie on for the earflaps.  I slip stitched to the correct locations and then crocheted the earflaps. 😎 Finishing sl to where I started.

BTW 2: The pattern states that size given is for toddlers. As a lazy crocheter I didn’t increase the number of stitches to increase the size I just used a Size J hook for children.  If you want an adult size try size K.