Cotton, Take One!

Thanks to wonderful directions by Marjorie of I Dye Every Day, I dyed my first hank of cotton. The directions are in the comment section of her Flying post. I dyed muslin.  Since I haven’t dyed cotton before, I didn’t want a disaster with expensive fabric. 😎  The only change I made is to soak the fabric in soda ash for about 1 hour before putting it to the dye mix.  The dye mix has soda ash in it also. I had a hard time finding washing soda.  None of the four chain grocery stores or two drug stores by us carried washing soda. It looks as if Biz has replaced it. Knowing that washing soda (soda ash, sodium carbonate) is used in swimming pools to help pH balance, I bought some soda ash at a pool supply store. Purple is my favorite color so I had to use that first!

Here’s the fabric marinating in the dye mixture for 24 hours.  Those Mixed Nut jars from Costco are the perfect size!  They don’t break. 😎

Here’s the fabric drying in the yard.  I wanted to dry it on the lavender bush, but I didn’t think the bees would agree!

The fabric is dry!  I moved the fabric to a new location since I didn’t notice the shadow in the above picture. It really is a beautiful color!

This is the scarf I saw out of rayon that is my ultimate goal.  I’m hoping this technique will give me these results!

I’m waiting for a tutorial on how to use the bottle of resist I got. 😎