Spin-Off Speaks To Me

q~The new Spin-off magazine arrived in the mail yesterday. It wasn’t until page 26 that I realized the magazine was “talking” to me. Knitting Traditions had an article that spoke to me a few months ago, but with Spin-off it’s consistently on almost every page.

It starts with the cover “Paint with Fiber on a Blending Board”.  My spinning teacher purchased one for the class, which I shared on the Nov 15 blog: Batting 1000 which featured a video on using the blending board. I was unhappy with the rolags I made since they really weren’t “blended”, they were just big blobs of color, so I hand carded them and spun onto my “samples” bobbin. The article in Spin-off, “Carding on a Blending Board”, by Gwen Powell is excellent with photographs accompanying the text. As mentioned in my previous blog, you really can’t use a blending board properly without a brush. In the article is a warning, “…make sure there is no gap between the stripes because if you leave gaps, there will be thin spots in the rolag, which could make spinning a consistent yarn more challenging.” And that’s the truth, as you can see below.



Looking at the picture of the bobbin, the spun, re-blended rolags are spun on either end of the bobbin. The color in the middle of the bobbin is from a different sample. I use the sample bobbin to spin all of the different color samples we’ve been given in class, or that I get as free sample when ordering yarn. When it’s full, I plan on Navajo plying to keep the colors and samples true and then making a sampler scarf.

It’s All About the Office! AKA Starbucks.

~What a fabulous day at The Office! Barb and I arrived around 9 am and left around 12pm!  When on our Northwest Journey we planned each day while at Starbucks; thus we began calling Starbucks – “The Office”.   You can see our “briefcases” and how we’re ready for the day.   It’s Barb’s birthday this week so we did some celebrating.  Pop Cake and drink of choice!  Yum!  Looked at Spin-Off and Creative Knitting Magazines.  Knitted. Talked.  Took pictures. A wonderful day!  Ended it by going to a thrift store to look for sweaters to unravel.  Barb found a 100% silk, light, sage green one which she want to try dyeing and I found a mohair- acrylic blend in a heavenly shade of peach.

One present I gave to Barbara was Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith.  I purchased one for my self knowing we’d have a blast filling these out.  I told Barb that since it’s her present she gets to pick out the page we’d do every week.  The first page she picked is the name page,  saying we have to have our names in the journal!  We’ll share next Monday.  She’s told me she’s going to rename hers but wouldn’t tell me the title, said I have to wait until she picked the cover!!  So mean!

Cooler morning, although bright and sunny.  Barb showed up wearing her knitted: sweater, hat, and scarf.  Can’t get better than that.  I’ve mentioned these items in previous posts.   I had on my Maja shawl.

This is the Herdis by Elsebeth Lavold sweater that I mentioned a few days ago.  It is stunning!  What a knitter!  The buttons she used are antiques from our grandmother at the beginning of last century.  Tried to get a good close-up, but this was the closest we could get.  They are metallic and there is a bit of a shine that’s hard to capture.  The color is washed out even though there wasn’t a flash.  Sigh…  Guess it was a bad picture day!

And, she had completed the bottom and top of the slipper, after assuring me she wouldn’t get that far.  Instead of working on the slipper, I made a special, small, knitted gift for her.  I’ll write up the pattern and share on this blog.  So, I need to go catch up on the slipper.  Here I am madly working on it!