Finished Object Friday: Capriole Shawlette

q~It finished! The Capriole Shawlette by Rachel Henry. The particulars can be found on my Ravelry project page. There has been much discussion about poorly written patterns in blogland lately, but I’m happy to report that this was one of the best-written patterns I’ve ever follow. Knitters are warned ahead of time which rows don’t follow the markers and in which directions the markers will be moved and replaced. Without further ado, here’s Capriole being blocked. I should have used wires along the sides. The spruce color turned out perfectly beautiful for the pattern. My confession is that I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t really wear shawlettes. Remember, as a process knitter I love the knitting I just usually knit items to give away. 😎 The Hubs doesn’t think it would do him justice, even though greenish colors always bring out the green in his eyes.

Capriole Shawlette

Capriole Shawlette

As a special perk for anyone who finished Capriole by April 30 and posted a picture both in Raverly projects and in the group, they receive their choice of a free Rachel Henry pattern. I happened to have had Courbette in my queue for awhile so I snatched it up. I think it’s perfect for the bits of stash left over. It is knit in four different sections, although the sections are knit together and not sewn. You can see two of the sections here.

Courbette by Rachel Henry

Courbette by Rachel Henry

Please visit Karen at Sweaty Knitter for How Not To Write Instructions. In fact, she has an entire series on how to write good knitting patterns.

FO Friday to get to Tamis Amis to check out other FO.

Here’s the Yarn, Now Which Hat?

 First I’d like to thank the person who was kind enough to share their virus with me.  Big Thanks! It’s taken almost a week to feel good again. I know at least one person caught the big snafu on our blog yesterday and I’m blaming it on the high fever I had for days! 😎

Now to the topic-at-hand!  I LOVE hats. Mostly the floppy, sun-type hats, not the hard, felted, winter ones. I definitely do not wear baseball hats.  My daughters look adorable in them but I look as if I’m a big watermelon with a small hat on! Yuck! 😎 Visors are cute, but I don’t like a sunburned scalp. I’m fair and sunburn easily so a hat is a must. When in Australia, we discovered that they have one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world.  They had a catch phrase in an ad campaign developed by their skin cancer society:  Slip, Slop, Slap! It means: Slip on a t-shirt, Slop on some sunscreen, and Slap on a hat!  That’s what I made my kids do growing up. No sunburns on my watch! 😎 Slip, Slop, Slap!  Clever!

Q’s Tea Spout Do-Dad pattern was featured on Dagen’s gratis-beskrivning. Loose translation: “Day’s best freebies”. It features free knitting and crochet patterns on the net. It really has some links to wonderful patterns. The links go to the pattern writer’s blog, so the blogs can be in different languages.  I saw this Mia hat from knitonthenet and immediately my mind said, “Gimme, gimme, gimme.” How absolutely spot-on for gardening? Huge brim to protect both face and neck.

About the same time, Barb and I were at Michaels and I found the following close-out, cotton yarn for $.39 a skein. No typo! How perfect is this yarn for a gardening hat? A hat that can be squished, get mud and dirt on it, accidentally stepped on, and be thrown into the washer without worry. 😎 Perfection!

As life does, I was watching Rosemary and Thyme and the character Laura Thyme was wearing the best knit or crocheted hat! She plays a gardener in the series. Now, I LOVED that hat so time for hat surfing.  Found this hat which not exactly like Laura’s is the same type of hat with bobbles.

Dilemma! Sigh……

Now for the challenge, I’d love to have Sweaty Knitter write a blog about hats! It would be fun to read!

From the Grays to the Blues

 After seeing the sweater Anne Field had in her Spinning Wool: Beyond the Basics book and reading that the gray wool had been dyed I made a blog comment.  Sweaty Knitter told me that she has died gray wool and it comes out quite nicely.  As mentioned, when I was on the Northwest Trip, I purchased all gray spinning fiber.  Sigh…..  Now that I am home in sunny San Diego I don’t want all of that gray! 😎 I did an experiment.  I took a two piece of gray wool, one from each gray fiber type purchased.  To insure that all of the parameters were equal I followed these steps:  1. soaked both together in vinegar-water for 30 minutes, 2. added a previously prepared blue dye to a black, plastic container (one that frozen food comes in), 3. put both gray wool samples side-by-side in the container.  Waited about 10 minutes and then turned both over, 4. put the container in an aluminum-lined, plastic shoe box, 5.  put the top on the shoe box and placed in the sun (behind the retaining wall so Hans could not reach).  I left the samples out in the sun for a few days; partly because the weather was drizzly or spitting, I wanted to make sure it heated up well enough.  When I took the samples out, the dye was almost all exhausted.  These are the results.

One sample was Gray Norwegian Top.  This fiber has some long, coarse black hairs in it.  You can see that the black hairs did not absorb any of the dye.  This has left this sample looking as worn denim.  A very pleasing color.

There isn’t a tag on the other gray fiber.  I don’t know what it is.  I asked my spinning teacher and she wasn’t sure either.  It is more of a brownish-gray color.  It has some white hairs sticking out from it.  It dyed a darker blue color, which looks like new denim jeans. Another pleasing color.

I’m only going to dye one of the grays.  I decided to spin both samples.  I found that the brownish-gray was by far the easiest for me to spin.  Remember, I just started spinning about 2 months ago.  Here is both of the spun samples.  Top: Brownish-gray sample, Bottom: Gray Norwegian Top.  So what do you think?

Ok, I’m a retired high school teacher and taught Computer-aided Graphic Design.  I just had to “play” with Lightroom since I went to the seminar last Thursday in Los Angeles.  I LOVE the clarify slider in Lightroom.  Had to combine what I learned in Lightroom and then use my old friend Photoshop to layout.