Cozy Up with a Cosy!

~My teapots need to be cozy! Winter will be here soon and they will be cold. The problem is – deciding which cozy to knit or crochet! Too Many Too Decide – TMTD. These are the contenders:

Mistake Rib Tea Cosy by Frankie Brown

Aunt Jane Tea Cozy by Charlotte Kirkholt

Scallop Tea Cosy by Crochetroo

Rosebuds Tea Cosy by Jenny Stacey

Then in the latest Noro magazine the craziest cosy, Coral Punk, was featured designed by Loani Prior. That lead me on a wild roller-coaster ride looking at her crazy tea cosys. After browsing her site, Grand Purl Baa, I had to buy the Kindle edition of Really Wild Tea Cosies.

All of this surfing for the perfect tea cosy still hasn’t brought me any closer to choosing which one to make. I actually have 6 teapots, so I could make six! Do any of you have a favorite tea cosy pattern to add to my list?