Tongue Painting

 Look what we’ve been up to!  Page 47 of Wreck This Journal says “Tongue Painting” 1. Eat some colorful candy, 2. Lick this page.  This is the candy. 😎

NOTE:  DO NOT tongue paint with “raw”  Kool-Aid it is NASTY!!

No, these are not Hollywood stand ins, it is really us tongue painting!

Proof positive that we did the tongue painting ourselves and didn’t hire the grandkids to do it for us. 😎
Another Hard Day’s Work!  I’m so exhausted that I have to lean on Barb’s shoulder to rest. 😎
We took them home and added our own creative touches.  Love Curl’s Balloons!  I’m sure she was thinking of me when she drew the bottom, right balloon. Hum……. Look at the elephant!  It’s as if we’re looking at clouds and seeing shapes.
Notice my apple zentangle.  I love zentangles! Although I’m getting tired of the autocorrect changing it to entangle and pentangle as I’m typing this post! 😎
There is still time to join us!  We have to mail the books to ourselves and then we will be doing page 39.