As I said, “I can’t stop looking for new ideas.” Now I see yard art everywhere. My husband was taking down and old patio cover for our son, and I thought the corners would make great trellises for the yard. My husband attached two larger trellises to the fence, I am going to have a rose climb up one and wisteria up the other one. Doesn’t this look great?

We are in the process of finishing our backyard. Note: We have been in the house since 2003. We have four plus acres, but our backyard is only fifty-five feet, so it has not been a first priority. The orchard and plants in front have taken up most of our time.

He took the other two and cut them down and attached them to the small three foot fence.

These smaller ones are going to have roses growing on them. I am so excited to finally have a back yard with plants and flower to look at. Dirt and rocks was getting old.

The other cool idea from Birds and Blooms, was to find an old serving bowl and turn it into a bird bath. I just found a great one from the Goodwill Store. To be continued….