On The Move With Pro HDR

 ~A few weeks ago, we met our daughter Darcey and s-i-l Todd in Las Vegas for a couple of nights. He had a conference there and we just wanted to see them! Had a marvelous time. The bizarre part of the trip were the two HORRIFIC storms we had to drive through both coming and going. As we were driving towards Vegas, it was 109 degrees in Baker, Ca. We watched the temperature slowly drop during the next 30 minutes until it was 68 degrees! The sky opened up and HUGE chunks of hail started falling. OMG! In the desert? During the summer? We have driven to and through Vegas a lot since my in-laws moved to Montana in 1976. Never have we encountered this.

During the 6 hour drive, I got antsy and started looking for great iPhone apps. Found Pro HDR. As we were leaving the storm area, on the way home, I decided to try the app even though the car was moving.  It is really a fun app! I like the way the pics turned out, even though there are movement shadows. What fun! For those of you that don’t know about HDR, to put it simply, you take two pictures of an scene/object/etc; one where it looks washed out  and one where it is darker. The two pictures are then combined into one. The HDR pictures show a greater depth of color. Hubs wants to get a camera which will do this. Using the app, you are instructed to hold the camera steady and tap the screen when ready. You can watch the app quickly scan to brightest point, snap, and then darkest point, snap. Takes about a second. If you don’t have the app get it! There is a free version and one that you pay for. If you want before and after shots, make sure you save the before.