WIP Wednesday: Linen Scarf

q~Ok, so I purchased a new pattern after swearing to use ones I already own.  I totally fell in love with the State Street Cowl by Quince and Co. Quite awhile ago I had ordered 10 skeins of  elann.com’s Peru Soft, which is a chunky yarn. This cowl used up two skeins. I love the way this is quickly knitting up, using US 13 and US 15 needles.  The pattern has four repeats, if you live in a warmer climate I think two repeats would be fine. If you want a cowl that’s large enough to cover your head I’d add one more pattern repeat.

Q's State Street Cowl

Q’s State Street Cowl

curlsQ and I learned how to do the linen stitch, see our January 16, 2013 What’s With Yesterday? And, lovely Linen Stitch. I have started making my linen stitch scarf. I am really excited at how the color is turning out, since the pattern, by Church Mouse, calls for 3 different colors of yarn and I’m just using one. The hand dyed yarn, I chose, is turning out great. Casting on 450 stitches was a challenge, and that many stitches/row takes about fifteen minutes to knit.

This was one of my goals for the New Year, learning a new stitch. See my post. Curls 

Curl's Linen Stitch Scarf

Curl’s Linen Stitch Scarf

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