It’s Official, Q’s a Process Knitter

q – I love all of the bloggers I follow. When I’m not feeling well, they cheer me up. When I already have WAY too many WIP’s, I can count on them to post simply wonderful new patterns which I cannot resist. My hands start itching when they share the latest yarn or fiber that they are using.  Neither Curls nor I are eloquent writers, as a scientist I’m great at scientific writing: short, concise and to-the-point. There are times when I read a blog and the writer pinpoints exactly what I want to say. I’ve blogged about my overload of WIPs in the past and even listed SOME on the blog. I’ve admitted that I have KADD (Knitter’s Attention Deficit Disorder). Curl’s called it QADD (Q’s Attention Deficit Disorder). On March 15, Anastasia owner of For The Knit Of It blogged: What Knitting is to Me and Too Many WIPs! This is me!

That’s right. I’m admitting it. I have way too many WIPs going on.

I think I’ve firmly established myself as a Process Knitter. For those of you who don’t know what that is (no secret, I’m a Knit Picks podcast-aholic), it’s process vs product knitter. The process knitter loves the making of projects. Product knitters knit for the end result, the beautiful knit. Neither one is better than the other! It’s just a personality thing.
That’s right. I’m admitting it. I have way too many WIPs going on.

That explains why I need to have so many projects. I seldom wear the things I make. More often, I find someone to give them to. Yet, I love casting on new projects. I love having so much going on. Each project fits my mood. Some are for other people so have deadlines. Some I cast-on something just to work on in a movie theater or in the car. Some I start because I just because. I love it!

And I love that moment when I step back and see what I’ve made. As I knit, all I see are stitches. I don’t see a sweater or mittens or socks or a cowl. I see one stitch at a time.

For The Knit Of It

Curl’s is a product knitter. I admit it, I’ve never finished a sweater. Gasp! I get bored; been there, done that, now on to the next project. So thanks Anastasia! Now I don’t need to feel so darn guilty about all of my WIP’s.

Let’s see how I’ve done with the WIP’s mentioned in my January 2, 2013 post:

  • Tidal Wave Socks – by Deby Lake
  • Litla Dimun Shawl – in Folk Shawls
  • 2012 Mystery Shawl KAL
  • Mystery Shawl
  • Brioche Scarf – in Knitting Brioche
  • Lavender Linen Lace Shawl
  • Self-fringing Shawl
  • Directional Scarf
  • Volna Scarf – by Grumperina
  • Victorian Shawlette
  • Kimono by Plymouth Yarns
  • Concerto – triangular ruffle shawl by Sheera
  • Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf – by Sivia Harding
  • Amanda’s Vest for Scarf Knitters – by Amanda’s Art-Yarn
  • Flower Blanket – black and white handout, no author listed
  • Knotty Scarflet – Sivia Harding
  • Lazy Girl Shawl – Melissa Mitchel
  • Kaellingesjal 1897 – Hap shawl by Mette Roerbec
  • Norwegian Star – finish second sock
  • Winona – shrug by Berroco

What’s that you say? None of them finished? I have finished:

  • a pair and 1/2 of socks – I really HATE the feel, texture, yarn on Feb’s Sock-It-To-Me sock and have just finished one.
  • 2 hats

Other new WIP’s

  • 3/4 of a girl’s vest – really am close to being done, but after visiting my granddaughter I’m not sure she would wear it. So, now it’s in limbo.
  • A Watch Cap for Mike

WIP Wednesday!

q~As I promised myself, I have been finishing projects and using stash. Curls has too! We both have quite a few WIP’s which we’re determined to finish, even though it might mean cussing at it the entire time! It’s time to share some of our WIP in case we can inspire someone else. I’m knitting the Kimono- St St With Garter Border by Plymouth Yarn Company using their Mushishi yarn, Colorway 01 Harvest. Super yum! I first saw this at a yarn shop in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho but didn’t buy it. However, once seen it stayed in my subconscious continually calling me until I gave in a purchased it.

Kimono by Plymouth Yarns. Yarn Mushishi by Plymouth Yarns.

Kimono by Plymouth Yarns. Yarn Mushishi by Plymouth Yarns.

curls~This is one of many unfinished projects I have. Q and I have joined the Sock a Month Club on Ravelry. This is the Beginner’s Sock Pattern, by Heather Storta,, for January. I am knitting the leg longer. The yarn I am using Patons SWS yarn. 70% Wool and 30% soy. The yarn is left over from a miter shawl I knitted for our sister Lindsay. (Q – And holding her yarn is the Cover That Cake With Colorful Berries which I knitted especially for her. The pattern is on our April 7, 2012 blog post.)

Beginner’s Sock Pattern, by Heather Storta. Knit in Patons SWS yarn. 70% Wool and 30% soy.

Beginner’s Sock Pattern, by Heather Storta. Knit in Patons SWS yarn. 70% Wool and 30% soy.

We’ve joined Tami’s Amis Wednesday’s WIP’s and Ginny’s Yarn Along. Both are great place to check links and get ideas!

WIP’s: A Knitter’s Best Kept Secret

~Raise you hand if you’re too embarrassed to truthfully tell people how many wip’s you have on needles.  Thought so, both of my hands are raised.  I know sister Barb has some, but I really can’t tell her how many I have – my dirty, little secret.  So, sister Barb has given herself a mission and that is: she can’t start any other BIG project until she finishes a big project.  I mentioned this a few days ago. Big projects are like sweaters, shawls, vests, etc.  Little projects fall into the hats, gloves, and scarves categories.  My problem is, except for shawls, I tend to stick to little projects.  Every time I walk into a yarn shop or look at knitting blogs online I become enamored by the patterns, yarn, colors, etc and just have to try something new.  I think I should officially call my syndrome “Knitters Attention Deficit Disorder”  or KADD.  If there were medals for oldest wip, I probably win the gold.  I started this afghan when I was sick with pneumonia my senior year of high school.  I fell in love with the pattern in Good Housekeeping magazine. It think it was the “holes” that did it. My sweet mom bought the yarn and needles for me. When was that you ask?  Back in 1966! And, yes mom I still have 4 more balls of yarn to knit. This wip has followed me thorough 9 moves!  Unfortunately, the pattern was lost long ago.  There were two rows, I just remember it was something like K3, *K12, (yo, k)3x* repeat * across row end k3.  The next row was k3, *k6, (yo, k)3x* repeat * across row end k3.  Knit until you get tired then quit!  I have added to it off and on for years.  Maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll finish it and put and end to the saga.

There actually is another knitter’s syndrome called “Finisher’s Attention Disorder Deficit” or FADD.  It apples to all of us who don’t like to weave in ends, block, sew parts together, etc.  Sad to say I have that disorder too!  Count my mother-in-law in the ranks with that disorder.  After her death, my sister-in-law Les gave my m-i-l’s two unfinished knitting projects to me.  Geri had taken the projects off of the needles, she just hadn’t done the finishing touches.  Les said since I knit and she doesn’t I could have them.  I’m glad!  One project was slippers. Luckily, there was still enough yarn left so I was able to sew the parts together.  I gave them to my granddaughter, Maddie. They fit so beautifully and she was excited to get them.

The second project was an afghan.  There were a bazillion ends to weave in.  It was a knit-across-the-row, cut-the-yarn, add-a-new-yarn-the-next-row type of pattern.  I have been weaving in all of the ends, I just have a small portion left.  I’m giving the afghan to my son Michael because those two had special parts in their hearts for each other.  I’m going to surprise him with the afghan.  It is the most boring job EVER but I’m doing it as a labor of love.  It really is quite a striking pattern.  She began it in the 1970’s, but I don’t know when the actual project was taken off of the needles. And yes, I have been weaving in the ends off-and-on for over a year.

I can’t blame these syndromes on my mom (dang it) because she never left projects on the needles and she always finished her projects so nicely.  What both Barb and I inherited from mom, who in turn got the gene from grandma, is our collection gene.  We both have fairly hefty collections of yarn and fabric!  Ala mom!  But that is a different story.

I have made a promise to use sister Barb as a role model and try to finish some projects.  Please, where is Knitter’s Anonymous (KA) when you need it?  I did finish the Maja Shawl last week.  I’m on a roll!