New Beginnings


The story begins back on March 17th in Buckeye, Arizona. My brother, his wife, the Hubs and I went for a few days to my brother’s “Baseball House” so the guys could go to the preseason baseball games and to golf. My sister-in-law said we had to go to sight-seeing at an adorable neighborhood in Buckeye called Verrado.  We discovered that there is a new 55+ neighborhood and spent 4 hours looking through the 12 models built by four different builders. Amazing!!! As we were ready to depart, we notice a big party happening in the Big Patio. Inquiring what was going on, we were invited to a Saint Paddy’s Day Happy Hour! We met the nicest group of people. I was at home…….

The next morning, and the next morning, I brought the Hubs to see the models. After returning to San Diego, we kept talking about the great house we saw. A week later, we were back in Buckeye buying a new home!!! We’ve never done anything so spontaneous in our lives. Heck, we’d lived in the same home for 37 years. That’s 37 years worth of packing, divesting ourselves of stuff, cleaning and repairing the house so we could sell. House sold in July. We’ve been staying in the Baseball House until we move into our newly built home on November 21! Hurray!!

The best things: single story, beautiful lot, and my own large 14 ft x 19 ft studio! I’ll be sure and share pics of the studio when it’s all set-up.

Q Have a great day and keep on crafting.

6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Wishing you all the best, I miss your posts, but I can understand stepping away. I’ve done it often in my 14 years of blog writing.

    Last year, I finally learned how to spin. I have a Kromski Sonata. I named her, Ruth. ❤️😊


    • Q – Hurray!!! I know you’re having a good time with Ruth. I just found and unpacked one of my spinning wheels, Rosie. Now to find where the fiber is packed…… 😎 So many boxes left to unpack.


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