What To Do?

– On the drive home from Las Vegas, I started to think of all the projects I had to do. I told Q about my to do list. She told me about a great idea that she was given during one of her “teacher” meetings. Make a to do list on card stock and use post-it notes to write down each to do item. Arrange the items on the to do list in order of importance.

I started out drawing line on my green card stock.  Soon I had the measurements I wanted. I decided I needed something with a design it.

I found my tulip stationary and decided to use it. I lined it up with the measurements on the green card to draw the lines on the paper.


Then I glued it to a green stock paper and labeled it. I wrote what projects need to be done on “Post it” notes and posted them on my “Projects To Do:” board. I used a “Page Up” holder to hold my list. So far I have made three of these. Projects To Do is for my sewing projects, Knitting Projects, and To Do Projects are for around the home. 🙂 The green holder you see it the best! Q learned about it from some of the other students in her watercolor class. You can get it for about $3 at Ikea!

– This is the best idea! I used it every day at work: grade papers, make copies, finish Icon PowerPoint, etc. Kept me very organized at work.  As a task is completed, pull-off and throw away the Post-it, rearrange the other notes. Never used it at home. When Curls got home from vacation and we were discussing what needed to be done neither of us could remember the great ideas we had in May. Now, I’m older so she has a younger brain. I really think it is her responsibility to remember everything I say. Geeze……. OK, I’m a computer geek, as mentioned many times. The result is the my To Do List is created on the computer using Word. I like to use the small Post-it notes. The table was created using the size of the small Post-it. The cells were outlined with a border, then a border was applied to the page. Lists are my best-friend, so each cell was numbered. For my craft To Do List I just titled it “Crafts”. Barb gave me the Page-up holder and it works perfectly. The To Do List was printed on a colored card stock. There are times when I have a really small idea that just needs a “place mark” so I will use the very small tab marker and stick it to the side. Hum, maybe another Post-it needs to say: Zentangle a To Do List! If anyone is interested in the document, just leave a comment requesting it or email curlsandq@gmail.com. We’re always looking for great organizational tips. If you have one, please share!


10 thoughts on “What To Do?

    • It is “Wreck This Journal”. I’ve been a laggert! We’re supposed to mail it to ourselves. In my defense, Barb does work for the post office. 😎 Then we are supposed to do a few “muddy” pages. I keep forgetting.


  1. I really like this idea, and I know my daughter would love it too. She’s nine-years old, and already a list maker. We have plenty of card stock paper, so I believe this will be on tomorrow’s activity list.


    • This is crazy! My nine year old granddaughter loves to make lists too!I have some posted, they are of the craziest things! 😎 Good idea for an activity. Please send a picture of how she decorates it! 😎


      • Oh another young list maker, how cool is that? 😉
        I’ll definitely send a picture, might even add one of my blog too.

        If I know my daughter, her list will have a Monster High theme. She adores those dolls. She’s excited about doing this today, I mentioned it to her yesterday, and she started making a list of things she wanted to include with this project. 🙂


      • You granddaughter is a girl after my own heart! I have always loved lists. For her 8th b-day, granddaughter and I made a journal for her – ribbons, stickers, pretty paper on the cover, etc. She was sitting on the patio busily writing in it. In my mind’s eye I see the wonderful story she’s telling about grandma and her getting the supplies and making this wonderful journal. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was making a list of all of the vampires the people killed and drawing a picture of where they were killed! Sigh….. Now she can’t watch Twilight, but older siblings of her friends do so she has heard all about them. 😎


  2. Oh that’s too funny. My daughter loves to write stories. We have quite a few books filled with her short stories. Each night, we have quiet time before it’s time for her to sleep.

    About three years ago I started doing a “creative story time”. I told her to pick two words, and we’d have to make a story about those terms. I’d been making up my own stories for her since she was born. I figured I might as well bring her into it since I knew creative writing would be introduced into her Lutheran schools second grade class. Besides she was already writing stories. She loves creative story time and prefers that over an actual book reading.


    • Maddie loves to write too! The boys not so much, they are into drawing.

      When the kids lived at Camp Pendleton, about an hour drive from us, we’d take them once a month to stay with us. When driving them to and from our house we’d have story time. We’d take turns making up the first line of a story, then the next person would add something, then the next, etc! It really was a lot of fun. Of course the boys always had to get some type of monster into each story. 😎 Fun times! Miss them like crazy!


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