Puck Puce Dye

~What to do with berries which have already past the “eat by” date? Make dye! I “cooked” the berries and had the most beautiful shade of violet. Super yum! My yarn was soaking in a vinegar mordant while I was making the dye. Into the dye bath went the yarn, I was filled with anticipation. The color would be gorgeous! Huh, wrong! I gave up after a few hours of looking at puck puce and added some Jacquard Acid dye in Violet and Silver Gray. I love the way the yarn came out. It looks as if it is a violet heather. Think of knitting with a worn denim colored yarn, now substitute violet for the color, that’s what I’m knitting with. It really is quite lovely. I’ve sampled bits of color from the yarn and placed into the circles so you can see the wide range of violetish hues. The lightest one is what the yarn looked like with the berries. Maybe if I used a different mordant I would have ended up with the color I was looking for? If any of you have died with berries and used a mordant which worked, please let me know. I think my new handle should be “Dyeing to Knit”.



8 thoughts on “Puck Puce Dye

  1. Not all berries are appropiate for natural dying. Many. if you do get color, wash out very fast. Elderberries will work well as well as pokberry (phytolacca americana). I use alum to mordant with most of the time but pokeberry requires a lot of vinegar to mordant with. There are lots of other natural materials that make beautiful color. Get in touch and I can help.


    • Thank you! It was a spur of the moment clearing out the refig experiment. 😎 I only use alum, iron, copper, etc when I dye outside and since it was a drizzly day….. I will definitely get in touch.


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